Anyone who has had a condition known as Frozen Shoulder (also called Adhesive Capsulitis of the Shoulder) knows how painful and limiting it can be!

The human shoulder is extremely complicated and specialized, normally allowing a greater range of motion than any other joint in the body. However, if the capsule surrounding the shoulder joint contracts and forms scar tissue and adhesions, the shoulder bone is unable to move freely or even move at all within the socket.

Big problem! The shoulder becomes stiff, painful and movement beyond a certain range is excruciatingly painful. In the worst case situation (and this problem usually comes to that), the shoulder becomes “frozen” or stuck, hence the name “frozen shoulder.”

Such restricted mobility presents obvious difficulties with even simple activities such as brushing your teeth/hair, putting on shirts/bras, reaching above your shoulder or head for any reason, etc. People suffering from this condition usually can’t sleep on the afflicted shoulder – sometimes they have trouble sleeping at all due to the pain in general! Forget about living a normal lifestyle if you have untreated adhesive-capsulitis Frozen Shoulder. You probably won’t even be able to give a friend or a child/grandchild a normal hug if you have this problem.

If you or anyone you know has this condition, which is more common than people might suspect, please give us a call!

We’ve had great success alleviating Frozen Shoulder with careful, systematic deep-tissue massage (see video). In fact, our confirmed judgment, based on experience and study with a large number of patients who have suffered from this condition, is that massage and shoulder manipulation are the frontline treatment of choice for it. But not just any type of massage by any type of therapist. Rather a skilled, specific massage and manipulation administered by someone who really knows what they’re doing. A specialist, in other words.

After coming to America in 1984 as a masseur with the Canadian Olympic team, I have worked on hundreds of athletes, celebrities, and in recent years more and more people experiencing adhesive-capsulitis Frozen Shoulder. So much so, I am now totally confident I can help people suffering from this painful, limiting condition and have even started the Frozen Shoulder Workshop to study and discuss the treatment of this condition, which had previously been so ineffective patients were left wondering if there really was any hope for them, any light at the end of the tunnel.

There is! Again, if you or anyone you know has this problem, contact us. We can help! We’re confident that in sunny Palm Springs, Calif., we can unfreeze that Frozen Shoulder.

To better understand what I do with a patient, please watch the video. It’s also available in a format easier to watch on YouTube.

— Andrew Maksym, Registered Massage Therapist, Specialist in the Treatment of Frozen Shoulder.